Data + technology = humanness

Kavi Chawla | Enrollment specialist, YSS

The Idea: My idea is to evolve our conceptualization and design of communities away from traditional models focused on delivery of services and value in a siloed approach that solve specific problems, and toward an approach where communities are designed based on meeting our deepest human needs. Specifically, my idea is to empower us to build communities that are designed around our shared humanity and our individual well-being. Human-centered design, informed by data and supported by technology and artificial intelligence, has the ability to revolutionize community development. Specifically, it empowers us to understand how multiple complex systems interact with one another and how those interactions inform our physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual well-being. By understanding these interconnections, by understanding the entirety of that which makes us human and the complexities of how that unfolds psychologically and physiologically, we can design and develop human communities that focus on meeting our needs as humans and the needs of humanity. >