Experiment with public art

Teva Dawson | Founder and Director, Group Creative Services

The Idea: We currently have a limited role for public art and a lack of creative spaces that let you know “we are in this town and this couldn’t happen anywhere else”– we lack of a sense of place. How will Des Moines and its suburbs continue to feel uniquely different? We should experiment more with art where people come together – both in the public sphere as well as private spaces such as malls, restaurants, office buildings. Engage artists to imagine new interactions between audience, art and place. Use art to foster new ways to connect strangers. Imagine art that addresses compelling issues of our time. Grow art experiences that become catalysts for positive change for citizens and our place. Artists would be seen as leaders, creative agents of change. Use art to lift up voices often unheard. Create art that moves beyond buildings and ticketed events. >