Make DSM airport a local art showcase

Lori Chesser | Attorney & Chair of Immigration Department, Davis Brown Law Firm

The Idea: Des Moines is often viewed as part of “fly-over country,” as reliable but boring. Changing the first impression many have of Des Moines will help change the view of others, and also inspire us who live here to think of ourselves differently. The Des Moines airport should break the mold of staid and bland airports by featuring local arts, local music and local food. While maintaining functionality and safety, the Des Moines airport should be as memorable as any experience of the city. Advertisers would be encouraged to sponsor a local artist installation. Vendors would be encouraged to feature more local items. Raygun T-shirts would replace literally “corny” offerings. Iowa bands would be featured on the sound system. Information about Des Moines, the state of Iowa and famous people from Iowa would be exhibited to help pass the time between flights. Space for traveling exhibits would be provided to highlight events or attractions. These changes would not only make the travel experience more enjoyable, but also would reflect the pride we have in our community and place in the world, while welcoming others to share it. It would also provide a showcase for local artists to become recognized and build on our city’s strong public art tradition. >